Enjoy the Android P features using the Action Launcher »

Enjoy the Android P features using the Action Launcher

It’s no other news that Android P is fast approaching as Google has announced masses of features, the upcoming OS will have. It’ll take long time before the Android P reaches your device because the last time I checked,

less than 5% of  device run on Android Oreo . But with all this, you can still enjoy the cool features of the Android P regardless of your phone type using the Action Launcher.

The Action Launcher has recently received a new update which include some Android P features. Beside this, the app furthermore packs tons of other features and improvements, including quick bar menu customization and extended settings for app drawer folders.  But the chief highlight of this Action Launcher version 35 is perceptibly the Android P additions.

Some of the Android P features in this launcher includes the option to use an upcoming OS style dock with a search bar to match. Also on the list of new features is the ability to sort items in app drawer folders in various different ways or hide them entirely. .

Choose to achieve more out of this amazing OS? below is the new features of Action Launcher v35:

• Enhance Pixel Launcher style search bar to All Apps drawer.

• Support for Android P rounded dock style. The dock’s look can be changed via the new Dock tint effect setting.

• When the Quickbar is white and uses a transparency of 35% of greater, icons on the Quickbar display in white ala Pixel Launcher

• When sliding the All Apps drawer open, smoothly transition to the new Pixel Launcher style search bar.

• Folders can be created in the All Apps drawer.

• “Show desktop shortcuts” setting added to All Apps options. If disabled, apps with shortcuts on the desktop are automatically hidden from the app drawers.

• Smartsize icon scaling, previously a Plus only feature, is now used automatically for all users.

•”Select Apps” option added to folders..

• Use Android P style rounded folders.

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  1. Nele Reply

    Sounds good! I have an apple so it won’t change for me, but am considering changing to Android when my phone contract is over.

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  3. Abd Raya Reply

    Nice reading.. was intrigued by the title already

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