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Finding The Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware Suits For 2018

With the improvement of science and technology, people began mining bitcoin with the help of miners. In the beginning, this was done only by companies due to the large capital needed. But today, anybody can do it in their houses. But obtaining the best bitcoin mining hardware is very difficult without having proper knowledge.

Here in this buying guide, I am going to discuss some important fields that you must understand before making the purchasing decision of BTC miners.

Brand of the miners

The first important point that you should care is the company or the brand of the miner hardware. Avalon and Bitmain are two well-known brands that I can recommend without hesitating. These two companies do the designing and producing of mining hardware for several years and their values also reasonable too.

When compared to Bitmain machines Avalon miners have a high price. All the Avalon mining machines build with high-quality materials and outstanding engineering. They have excellent durability and strength than most of the Bitmain products. But Bitmain’s most important thing is the high hash rate.

If a company manufactures a vast amount of products like cookware, home appliances, garden tools, and BTC miners, never buy machines from those companies, because BTC miners need a designing knowledge which is so unique from regular products.

Average Hash Power

Hash power is the second specific point that I mention. It is also known as the hash rate and it is a measurement, of the ability of the mining hardware. The SI units of the hashrate are H/s. The Antminer s9 model is the BTC miner which has the highest Hash rate (it is about 14 TH/s).

With the increment of hash rate, the number of bitcoins that can make increases. If you are willing to mine BTC as a hobby, no need of buying a giant mining machine like this. If you are eager to make a considerable amount of revenue and going to start BTC mining to get the main income,  focus on the hash rate.

Individual Mining or Mining Rig (The way of mining)

Mining rig is a joined series of mining machines which is designed to get a significant profit than regular miners. If there is a small area in your house, or you want to start the mining process in your own bedroom, it is tough to make a mining rig.

Mining rigs emit a significant amount of noise and heat. Therefore if somebody is thinking to make a mining rig, it is essential to use another separate room which gets good airflow.

There are few  best bitcoin mining hardware that supports for making mining rigs. Avalon 6 model is a great example which requires under $350. If you can get $100 revenue with one Avalon 6 miner (consider the hashrate is X), when you build a miner rig, according to the regular math, it should be a profit of $1000. But when the Avalon 6 miners are connected, in a proper way, the entire hash rate increase than $1000. Simply, there is an ability can get a huge profit than $1000.

Overall quality of the mining machine

According to  PRODUCTSEXPLAINER the product review site, always the overall quality is the essential thing that should consider before making any purchasing decision. There is no way to check the inside materials without buying the mining machine.

But can get a good idea about the product by reading the buyer feedbacks of Amazon’s product page and the official review of the company page. If there is a miner machine which has a hash power of 10 TH/s, which has low-quality parts inside, it may have a lifetime of 2 months. Because of the amount of thermal energy which produces, directly affect the lifespan.

  Wrapping it up

Many beginners who don’t have a good knowledge made the wrong judgments in buying bitcoin miner machines. So I recommend if you do not have a good opinion of this field, always read a full buying guide before taking any purchasing decision. Otherwise, there is a massive possibility to will end with a loss.

I believe you got some ideas about bitcoin miners from my article. If there are questions regarding this topic, please comment. Don’t forget to share this valuable content with your loved ones.

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