NL Link Up! Why Is It That Women In Their 30s Claim No Sex Till Marriage?

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I had this experience with several ladies when i was looking for a wife. Just like every other guy, I wanted a relationship devoid of any conditions.

Absolute relationship that would sail to marriage but most matured ladies i met almost always claimed born again, others said it was vow they made with their God that no man will penetrate them until marriage.

The later wouldn’t mind some touches and even ‘fingering’. This led me to ask one if she was a lesbian. These ‘conditionists’ would be mad, seriously mad any time they saw me with another girl. It frustrated me a lot because I loved most of them and wanted something serious.

Note, I didn’t date all of them at once. It was a kind of if one didn’t work, i look for another but coincidentally, I end up with ‘extreme-conditionist’ or ‘semi-conditionist. I had several heated arguments with some of them.

I questioned their stand why i should be part of a vow that i wasn’t present when it was made. Adding that such important decisions should be taken with someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.
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When I eventually met the one i married, I was actually in relationship with one ‘extreme conditionist’. But my wife didn’t mind giving me sex any time she comes around. She actually refused for some weeks and it happened that she wanted me too. She later agreed but would request we go for tests before even using condom.

Due to the fact that konji was already turning me to a pervert, I didn’t think twice before jumping to her request. Everything came out clean and it was joy. If that was her trap, i was caught legs and hands.

After the test, her love for me was nothing but perfect. She started seeing me like her husband already.

She became careless with love. During that same period, she knew i was with someone but she didn’t mind but i noticed that any time i chatted the girl, her (the free girl) mood would change but she managed it because she knew the conditionist was with me before i met her.

Fast forward to the day of decision making, I consulted some close friends. No family member was involved. My friends wanted me to marry the conditionist because she was a born again (at least, as she claimed).

Decision was made but a joke one of my friends cracked at the end of the casual meeting re-arranged my brain and suddenly i became the owner of myself.

His joke, “So Chioma (Not her real name) cured your konji and now you are going to marry a clean girl?” There and then, it occurred to me that I loved Chioma more than i had ever imagined. She was the person that wanted me as much as i wanted her.

One of my friends is planning to marry during December time but the girl he found is not ready for sex.

She is claiming no sex till marriage. She is 33 or so. She is not a virgin and she is not a born again.

What my guy told me she said to him didn’t go well with me but i had to maintain my peace. She told my friend that if he couldn’t hold himself, he was free to have sex with any girl.

Now, I am asking women, why such decision?

Men, can you put up with such women?


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